Arapov - Cello sonata (1985)

Arapov - Cello sonata (1985). You can download the PDF sheet music Arapov - Cello sonata (1985) on this page. Boris Alexandrovich Arapov (1905-1992) was a Russian composer who taught at the Leningrad Conservatoire. He received his earliest music lessons from his mother in Poltava. In 1945, he worked as a professor and held a class in orchestration and was the deputy director of the Conservatoire. When Shostakovich returned to Moscow in 1943 after evacuation, he began teaching at the Moscow Conservatoire and worked there until 20 August 1948.He also worked at the Leningrad Conservatoire during this time and held classes and attended exams during almost every trip to Leningrad. Arapov first encountered Uzbek music and took an interest in Far Eastern music; his music reflects his travels through China and Korea.

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Instrument part: 15 pages. 1014 K


Piano part: 48 pages. 1923 K


Arapov - Cello sonata (1985) - Instrument part - first page Arapov - Cello sonata (1985) - Piano part - first page
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