Breval - Sonata for cello and piano G-dur op.12

Breval - Sonata for cello and piano G-dur op.12. You can download the PDF sheet music Breval - Sonata for cello and piano G-dur op.12 on this page. This melodic sonata for cello and piano by Brewal is a sample cello composition of past time with a perfect and clear sound by this interesting composer. This cello music surprise the musicians by the melodic intonation and other creative features.
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Cello part: 7 pages. 557 K

Piano part: 14 pages. 1376 K

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Jean-Baptiste Sebastien Bréval (1753 – 1823) was a French cellist and composer. He wrote mostly pieces for his own instrument, and performed many world premières of his own pieces.
Bréval was born in Paris, and went on to study with François Cupis (1735-1810) and Martin Berteau. By 1774, he was an active cello teacher. In 1775, he published his opus 1, six concertante quartets. In 1776, he became a member of the «Société Académique des Enfants d'Apollon». Kicking off his career by performing one of his sonatas at a Concert Spirituel in 1778, he became a member of their orchestra from 1781 to 1791, and from 1791 to 1800 he played in the orchestra of the Théâtre Feydeau.
Later he became involved in the administration of the «Concerts de la rue de Cléry» and a member of the Paris Opera orchestra. He retired from the orchestra in 1816. The Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung states that Bréval taught at the Conservatoire although this can not be verified by Conservatoire documents. However, Bréval's compositions were definitely used for instruction at the Conservatoire. Bréval died in Colligis, Aisne.

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