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Dotzauer - School of cello playing. You can download the sheet music Dotzauer - School of cello playing on this page. The aim of Dotzauer was not merely to promote technical efficiency, but to refine the taste and increase the capacity for shading and diversifying the tone, He has added—besides the needful fingerings directions for the portions of the bow to be employed, and the establishment of the correct notation—marks of interpretation (expression and tempo) throughout; these latter, in earlier editions, were almost entirely wanting.
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Since their appearance, the Violoncello Etudes by Dotzauer — who was born 1783, and died 1860 — have ranked high among works of their class and, by reason of their intrinsic practical utility, have successfully maintained their position. It therefore seems entirely justifiable to bring out a new edition in line with modern requirements.
Dotzauer's numerous etudes are an outgrowth of mature experience in teaching, and display such a full and comprehensive understanding of the peculiarities of the instrument, that their well-earned place in the literature of violoncello-instruction would seem to be assured for the future also.
After careful consideration I reached the conclusion that a satisfactory new edition would be something different, in many respects, from a mere reprint of the original editions. I felt that the usefulness of these Études under present conditions would be greatly enhanced by a judicious selection from and rearrangement of the great mass of material; numerous mistakes had to be corrected, numbers of comparatively small value and utility had to be eliminated, and those of real importance and usefulness arranged in progressive order and clear classification, so that the present edition might be used as a supplement to any and every Method for Violoncello.
I hope that these admirable Etudes may now go forth in this more attractive garb, to promote and facilitate the difficult study of the Violoncello.
Johannes Klingenberg

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