Kodaly - Sonata solo for cello op. 8

Kodaly - Sonata solo for cello op. 8 . You can download the PDF sheet music Kodaly - Sonata solo for cello op. 8 on this page. The Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály wrote his Sonata in B minor for solo cello, Op. 8, in 1915. It was first performed in 1918 and published in 1921. It is among the most significant works for solo cello written since Johann Sebastian Bach's Cello Suites. It contains influences of Debussy and Bartók, as well as the inflections and nuances of Hungarian folk music. The piece wavers between B minor and B major, and Kodály adjusted the two lower strings down a semitone (scordatura) to better evoke these tonalities and to extend the instrument's tonal, dynamic and expressive range.
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The sonata was written in 1915 but its premiere was delayed due to World War I. It was premiered by Jenő Kerpely (1885–1954; sometimes seen as Eugène de Kerpely) in Budapest on 7 May 1918. Kerpely was the cellist of the Waldbauer-Kerpely Quartet, which had premiered the first four string quartets by Bartók. It was published by Universal Edition in Vienna in 1921.

The solo sonata is in three movements:

I. Allegro maestoso ma appassionato
II. Adagio con gran espressione
III. Allegro molto vivace.

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