Marais - Sonata for cello and piano

Marais - Sonata for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Marais - Sonata for cello and piano on this page. This interesting expressive composition is the grand sample opus for string instrument by the well-known virtuoso of music. This composition impresses performer by the engrossing changes of melody and traditional string features.
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PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 4 pages. 450 K

Piano part: 11 pages. 1185 K

Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page

Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Roland Marais (1685 –  1750) was a French viol player and composer. He was the son of the composer Marin Marais (1656 – 1728). His compositions are written in a similar style to his father's.

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