Saint-Saens - Concert N2 for cello and piano op.119

Saint-Saens - Concert N2 for cello and piano op.119. You can download the sheet music Saint-Saens - Concert N2 for cello and piano op.119 on this page. Saint-Saëns' Cello Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 119, is written in two movements, like his Fourth Piano Concerto. It was composed for a Dutch cellist, Joseph Hollmann, in 1902. The Second Concerto is much more virtuosic than the First, but does not possess the thematic inventiveness and harmonic intricacy of the First.
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In many respects, it's a finer creation than its famous predecessor in A minor Op. 33; larger in overall concept (it comprises two main sections, each subdivided into two movements) and arguably of greater thematic nobility, the concerto remains largely unknown.

Concert's Movements:

  • Allegro moderato e maestoso
  • Andante sostenuto
The first movement is in sonata form. The second part is a prayer, in E-flat major in simple ternary form. The first movement ends with a scale in artificial harmonics, like the scale in the First Cello Concerto. The second movement is a moto perpetuo in G minor. It ends abruptly in a cadenza, followed by a major-key recapitulation of the first movement, and a coda.

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