Kabalevsky - Violin concerto op.48 (Oistrakh Edition)

Kabalevsky - Violin concerto op.48 (Oistrakh Edition). You can download the PDF sheet music Kabalevsky - Violin concerto op.48 (Oistrakh Edition) on this page. The 20th century Soviet composer Dmitry Kabalevsky composed this work in 1948. Kabalevsky intended this work to be an advanced and tasteful model of this genre for young players. Violin part edited by David Oistrakh. This concerto originally writed for violin and orchestra.
Fast first movement, then slow and moving second movement, and a third movement even faster and more technical than the first. Kabalevsky concerto is in fact his only one for violin. It is one of a trilogy of concertos dedicated for Soviet Youth.
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Instrument part: 18 pages. 1868 K


Piano part: 45 pages. 2875 K


Kabalevsky - Violin concerto op.48 (Oistrakh Edition) - Instrument part - first page Kabalevsky - Violin concerto op.48 (Oistrakh Edition) - Piano part - first page
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Kabalevsky had a straight forward lyrical style and a fluent technique. His music, often makes use of Russian folk melodies. In 1948, Kabalevsky produced his sunny and tuneful Violin Concerto, the first of three concertos (the others were for cello and piano) written between 1948 and 1952 for young virtuosi. Its directness and lively charm have made it a repertory work ever since.
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