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How To Make A Violin - John Broadhouse

How To Make A Violin - John Broadhouse

How To Make A Violin - John Broadhouse. You can download the PDF sheet music How To Make A Violin - John Broadhouse on this page. The demand for this little work on the construction of the violin has continued steadily for years and for a short time has been out of print. This present edition has been considerably improved and has had the advantage of being revised by one of our well-known violin makers. With a view of further improving this edition the outline illustrations of the models of Stradivarius, Guarnerius and Amati have been re-drawn and that of a Maggini added to the list.

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PDF Book: 165 pages. 3882 K



How To Make A Violin - John Broadhouse  - first page
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The Parts of the Violin
On the Selection of Wood
The Tools Required
The Models
The Mould
The Side-pieces and Side-linings
The Back
The Belly
The Thickness of the Back and Belly
The Bass Bar
The Purfling
The Neck
The Fingerboard
The Nut and the Tail Piece Nut
Varnishing and Polishing
Varnishes and Colouring Matter
The Varnish
Mathematical Method of Constructing the Outline
The Remaining Accessories of the Violin (including Violin Notes by Ole Bull)

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