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Hugo Norden - Foundation Studies In Fugue

Hugo Norden - Foundation Studies In Fugue

Hugo Norden - Foundation Studies In Fugue. You can download the PDF Hugo Norden - Foundation Studies In Fugue on this page. This book on one of the most important aspects of music composition has a two-fold purpose. First, it is meant to provide the student with a working technique in fugue so that he can approach the composing of a fugue systematically and with a well-defined order of steps.
Secondly, it is intended that through the observations presented, the student can formulate a method for examining fruitfully the fugues of the great composers of both the past and present.
Two pieces of advice may be ih order. The first is that before undertaking the. study of fugue, the student should be well equipped in all aspects of harmony and counterpoint, and especially canon. A deficiency in any of these techniques will make itself evident in fugal composition which calls for the ultimate in smoothness and elegance. Secondly, the student must not feel that this book is the last word ih the study of fugue. On the contrary, it is only the beginning. There are so many excellent fugues to be studied and so many other treatises to be read, but—as the title implies—it is hoped that the present book, small as it is, will provide a solid foundation upon which to build.

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Hugo Norden - Foundation Studies In Fugue - Instrument part - first page
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