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Smith Brindle - Serial Composition

Smith Brindle - Serial Composition

Smith Brindle - Serial Composition. You can download the PDF sheet music Smith Brindle - Serial Composition on this page. Inevitably this book will seem to put exaggerated stress on the importance of method and technique and ignore the great potential values of instinct and fantasy. It must be constantly borne in mind, therefore, that though these latter are rarely mentioned, they are of overriding importance and can drastically alter technical assessments. In fact, method can frequently be found to be at fault, whereas fantasy and intuition are always unerring. According to the estimations of method, there is no reason why Verdi's descending scale melody in the great La Traviata aria, or Beethoven's chordal theme in the Eroica, should not be just as banal as the same material in the hands of other composers. But these melodies, being born of sublime creative thought, transcend the limitations of their somewhat inconspicuous technical values and reveal these composers in their greatest moments. It must be borne in mind, therefore, that the technical details in this book have no absolute values. A certain melodic note-sequence which theory would condemn, or a chordal progression which is not normally to be recommended may on the contrary, through the force of creative deliberation, prove to be among the most sublime expressions in musical history. A moment of illuminated thought is worth more than a library-full of technical values.

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The particular technique chosen by composers has always influenced their musical designs. In fact, in serial music, the method itself is a powerful stimulus to the imagination, through the very fact that the creative mind can set to work without delay on already-prepared note-successions. As much serial music features constant change of idea (in contrast to the classical characteristic of relative constancy of idea) it is evident that this close inter-relationship between creative thought and methodical thought is particularly important.
Unfortunately, the workings of the creative mind are so obscure that little more can be said which will be of real assistance. Inspiration and fantasy, such vital elements in composition, are unfortunately elusive and subject to no rule or command. So inevitably our task here is concerned with what can be achieved by methodical thought. We must investigate the expressive potentialities of the basic musical material at our disposal and discuss method—the technical means of achieving valid artistic ends.
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