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Bach - Menuet for two cellos

Rare cello sheet music!


Download the sheet music - Bach - Menuet for two cellos – transcription for cello on this page.

Menuet И.С.Баха for two cellos- This famous cello composition, music by the high quality cello music is the perfect sample cello composition плодотворного virtuoso of sheet music. This creative задумывалось in the серебрянные periods жизни of this master of cello creations. cello composition обращает внимание the listeners прекрасной musical music base and other musical features Menuetа. This composition of this master of cello is still called one of the best sample of composer's excellence by the great Баха.

To view the first pages of instrument and piano part click the music sheet image.

PDF sheet music.

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Cello part:

Piano part

Cello part: - first page Piano part - First page
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