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Barber - Cello sonata

Barber - Cello sonata. You can download the PDF sheet music Barber - Cello sonata on this page. This good-looking delicious cello opus by this well-known maestro - is a typical piece of repertoire for cello. Cello Sonata in C minor, Op. 6, was written between June and December 1932, begun in Italy. It was the final work he wrote under the tutelage of Rosario Scalero, to whom it is dedicated. He intended that the sonata should be performed by his friend and colleague, the cellist Orlando Cole. This is a three-movement sonata, and the fully-scored piano part has been likened to the keyboard writing of Brahms. Yet it is brilliantly written for the two instruments, and the two outer movements are passionate and highly turbulent, striving first subjects with  more romantically lyrical second ones.

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 26 pages. 1048 K


Barber - Cello sonata - Instrument part - first page Barber - Cello sonata - Piano part - first page
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The 1st movement is the most dramatic, it establish a sense of an ongoing narrative from the opening bars. The most striking part, however, is the central Adagio: this opens and closes as a slow, intense monologue for the cello, but this enfolds a capricious, scampering little scherzo, Presto, where Barber shows his considerable powers of wit and requires coordination between the players with its rapid alternation of triple metres. Containing the most challenging writing for the piano, the finale, as well as having its own themes, includes cyclic refer - ences to the other two movements, binding the form of the whole work together
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