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Berteau - Cello Sonata F-dur

Berteau - Cello Sonata F-dur. You can download the PDF sheet music Berteau - Cello Sonata F-dur on this page. This emotional & well-known composition by the familiar master - is still the sensible masterwork of composition for traditional cello. Martin Bertau showed an interest in using harmonics. Rousseau cites Martin Berteau as composer who used them to advantage, the latter in works for the cello. Berteau called for harmonics (marked with the sign over the note) in only a few passages in his Sonate da camera a violoncello solo col basso continua , including two of the seven variations for an Aria in Sonata 2 in D-dur in which the entire melody is playing in harmonics, at times even in double stops.However, Berteau employs them purely as special effects for color rather than as expressive nuances. This cello sonata impresses the celloist by clear and lively cello harmony of cello sound and many other custom tricks.

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Instrument part: 2 pages. 267 K


Piano part: 5 pages. 559 K


Berteau - Cello Sonata F-dur - Instrument part - first page Berteau - Cello Sonata F-dur - Piano part - first page
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