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Boccherini - Cello concerto N3 G-dur G.480

Boccherini - Cello concerto N3 G-dur G.480. You can download the PDF sheet music Boccherini - Cello concerto N3 G-dur G.480 on this page. Scored for strings, this Cello concerto N3 is made in the standard fast-slow-fast format of the Classical concerto. The solo part shows clearly the advances in cello technique since the days of the Vivaldi cello con-certi earlier in the century. Boccherini makes good use of the wide tessitura of the cello, exploiting, in particular, the higher registers in passages that frequently move in parallel thirds or sixths with the piano. The technical and lyrical capabilities of the cello are well demonstrated with ample use of virtuoso technique such as arpeggiated chords across three or four strings, rapid scales in the upper register and double-stopped passages in the middle register. It should be noted that all of these are considerably more difficult on the eighteenth century instrument (which was held between the knees without the aid of an endpin). This cello Concerto is a perfect reflection of Boccherini the cellist and the man. As a composer his style maintained its originality and galant flavour throughout his life.

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Instrument part: 5 pages. 609 K


Piano part: 15 pages. 1888 K


Boccherini - Cello concerto N3 G-dur G.480 - Instrument part - first page Boccherini - Cello concerto N3 G-dur G.480 - Piano part - first page
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