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Boccherini - Cello concerto N9 B-dur G.482

Boccherini - Concert for cello and piano B-dur. You can download the PDF sheet music Boccherini - Concert for cello and piano B-dur on this page.

Cello concerto in B flat for Cello and Strings, G.482

  1. Allegro moderato
  2. Adagio (non-troppo)
  3. RONDO: Allegro

This B flat Cello Concerto by Boccherini was the ninth of his eleven works in the genre, the vitality of the outer movements finding ideal contrast in the warmly lyrical central adagio, where the soloist is given the opportunity to enjoy ornamentation in music which gains from the personal understanding and love of a composer who was also a great cellist. Heard as its composer intended, this cello concerto emerges with an engaging freshness of melodic invention, never dogged by foursquare symmetry or the over-reliance on passagework for which Boccherini's symphonies are sometimes criticized. The extreme technical demands posed by the solo cello writing, with taxing high-register thumb-position episodes, multiple-stopped chording and rapid string crossings, makes the fact that Griitzmacher's edition went unchallenged for over a century seem all the more curious, particularly in an age that supposedly espoused historical correctness.

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PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 11 pages. 3197 K


Piano part: 19 pages. 6138 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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Video: Boccherini - Concert for cello and piano B-dur
Boccherini's best-known cello concerto, in B flat, was known for many years only in a version that has remarkably little in common with the original. In 1895, the cellist Friedrich Griitz-macher (1832-19031 had published his conflation of a Boccherini sonata (G 565) and the ninth cello concerto, to which he added a slow movement from another Boccherini concerto, G 480. The result, a hybridized Classical work mirroring the tastes and techniques of the late 19th century, is still studied and performed by many of today's cellists, even though the original score of G482 is now widely available. One further irony persists. The recently discovered manuscript of the original version in Dresden is actually in Griitzmacher's hand, though scholars have found no grounds for doubting its authenticity.
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