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Bridge - Melody for cello and piano

Bridge - Melody for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Bridge - Melody for cello and piano on this page. This interesting musical composition - is a grand music opus for string instrument by the well-known composer. This composition impresses the listeners by the clear changes of instruments intonations and other string features.
To view the first page of Bridge - Melody for cello and piano click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 2 pages. 153 K

Piano part: 8 pages. 756 K

Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page

Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Frank Bridge (1879 – 1941) was an English composer, violist and conductor. Bridge was born in Brighton and studied at the Royal College of Music in London from 1899 to 1903 under Charles Villiers Stanford and others. He played the viola in a number of string quartets, most notably the English String Quartet (along with Marjorie Hayward), and conducted, sometimes deputising for Henry Wood, before devoting himself to composition, receiving the patronage of Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge.
According to Benjamin Britten Bridge had strong pacifist convictions, and he was deeply disturbed by the First World War, although the extent of his pacifism has been questioned in recent scholarship. During the war and immediately afterwards Bridge wrote a number of pastoral and elegiac pieces that appear to search for spiritual consolation; principal among these are the Lament for strings, Summer for orchestra, A Prayer for chorus and orchestra, and a series of pastoral piano works.
Bridge's idiom in the wartime works tends towards moderation, but after the war his language developed significantly, building on the experiments with impressionist harmony found in the wartime piano and orchestral music. Bridge's technical ambitions (documented in his correspondence) prompted him to attempt more complex, larger works, with more advance harmonic elements and motivic working. (Huss 2015, 127) Several of the resulting works have some expressive connections with the First World War, which appears to have influenced the mood of the Piano Sonata, and certainly Oration.
Bridge is mostly remembered for privately tutoring Benjamin Britten, who later championed his teacher's music and paid homage to him in the Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge (1937), based on a theme from the second of Bridge's Three Idylls for String Quartet (1906). Bridge was not widely active as a teacher of composition, and his teaching style was unconventional - he appears to have focussed on aesthetic issues, idiomatic writing and clarity rather than exhaustive technical training. Britten spoke very highly of his teaching, saying famously in 1963 that he still felt he "hadn't come up to the technical standards" that Bridge had set him (Mitchell 1991,[page needed]). When Britten left for the United States with Peter Pears in 1939, Bridge handed Britten his Giussani viola and wished him 'bon voyage and bon retour'; Bridge died in 1941 without ever seeing Britten again.

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