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Casella - Cello sonata N1 op.8

Casella - Cello sonata N1 op.8. You can download the PDF sheet music Casella - Cello sonata N1 op.8 on this page. The Sonata No.l in D minor Op.8, composed between 1906 and 1907, was dedicated to one of the all-time great cellists, Pablo Casals. Casella believed that his interpretations, like those of Toscanini and Gieseking, excelled on account of their 'naturalness, simplicity and purity of style'. The Sonata, like his other youthful compositions, reveals various stylistic influences: there are hints of Debussy, Mahler and Strauss, as well as traces of what Casella had learnt from Faure. Even in these early works, however, the composer's own personality comes across clearly in the search for what was new and hitherto unexplored ground.

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Casella - Cello sonata N1 op.8 - Instrument part - first page Casella - Cello sonata N1 op.8 - Piano part - first page
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The multifaceted nature of the composition comes straight to the fore in the first movement, Allegro assai, with a citation from Mozart's Concerto in C minor K491. Throughout his life, Casella maintained his keen interest in the past, not least in his transcriptions: he was endowed with a remarkable capacity for 'delving deep into the spirit' of music of all periods, and felt, as he himself was to. assert, 'a powerful love of the masterpieces'.

The melodic lines of the entire sonata are wrought with a sense of urgency and tension - in the Allegro assai, for instance, the ascending lines of the second cello theme are particularly expressive, melding as they do with the density of the virtuoso piano part. The third movement, Allegro ma non troppo, is full of emotional contrasts, initially expressed by the rapid sixths of the piano that progress in dynamics from pianissimo to fortissimo, rather like a threatening prelude to a storm that erupts into the impetuously dramatic and rhythmic C minor. This ecstatic, dramatic moment is followed by a contrasting episode that is dignified and radiant, essentially cantabile and deeply cathartic.
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