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Cassado - Cello Sonata

Cassado - Cello Sonata. You can download the PDF sheet music Cassado - Cello Sonata on this page. From the very beginning, Cassado's performance profile was defined by his eclectic choice of repertoire, which ranged from cello sonatas to shorter showpieces, typical for the early twentieth century, and included a considerable amount of new and little-performed music.

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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 10 pages. 2274 K


Piano part: 37 pages. 8544 K


Cassado - Cello Sonata - Instrument part - first page Cassado - Cello Sonata - Piano part - first page
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It is interesting, that Cassadô tried to experiment with the instrument as well as the repertoire and technique in these years, and he would become well known for his many ideas and propositions regarding how to improve upon the instrument. To improve the sound volume, Cassadô tried various contraptions such as metal screws replacing the string holder, metal bow hair, and he was the first cellist to use metal strings in concert. It seems that he worked together with different instrument makers on several experiments: Fernandez-Cid, for example, mentions a failed attempt by Cassadô and Barcelonian instrument maker Ignacio Fleta to adapt a fifth string to the cello.
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