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Cassado - Lamento de Boabdil for Cello

Cassado - Lamento de Boabdil for Cello. You can download the PDF sheet music Cassado - Lamento de Boabdil for Cello on this page. This fine & outstanding cello composition by the recognized musician - is a exclusive sample of composition for traditional cello. Composer's opus impress the listeners by the delicious melody of string instrument and piano instrument harmonies and other author's features. This cello opus impresses the cello player by particular and plain cello intonation of this work of art & other music tricks.

Gaspar Cassadó was born in Barcelona on September 30, 1897, into a musical family. His father, Joaquin, was a composer and church musician, and ran a piano store with his wife, Agustina Moreu. Gaspar began his musical training at the age of five, singing in the church chorus conducted by his father. He also began cello studies with Dionisio March, and his talent was quickly apparent. With the help of a grant from the city of Barcelona, Agustin took lessons from the great French violinist Jacques Thibaud, while Gaspar began studying with the man who would become one of the central figures in his life, fellow Catalonian Pablo Casals.1

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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 1 pages. 425 K


Piano part: 3 pages. 425 K


Cassado - Lamento de Boabdil for Cello - Instrument part - first page Cassado - Lamento de Boabdil for Cello - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Cassado did not leave a coherent, neat and unequivocal legacy but, this is precisely why his legacy is worth rediscovering. Fernandez-Cid wrote that Cassado was the lovely bohemian exemplified, a mixture of organised and anarchic, always extroverted but never uncomfortable and the heterogenic nature of Cassado's musical persona will be present throughout this study as one of his most interesting traits and as a common denominator between the different discussions.
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