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Couperin - 5 Concert pieces for cello

Couperin - 5 Concert pieces for cello. You can download the PDF sheet music Couperin - 5 Concert pieces for cello on this page. The "Pièces en concert" were arranged in 1924 by the French cellist Paul Bazelaire (1886-1958) from five of François Couperin's many occasional pieces for Sunday afternoon "Concerts royaux". This set became a favourite of Pablo Casals, who included it in his famous recital at the White House in November 1961. An opening Prélude, subdued but dignified, sets the cello's noble theme above a characteristic dot-ted-note accompaniment. Then follows a binary-form Sicilienne (in 12/8 meter), and a movement entitled La Tromba, imitating the sound of trumpet calls. Plainte ("Lament") takes the form of a sorrowful duet for solo cello and viola, both of which are muted. During the central section, before the soloists return with the principal motif, the orchestral violins offer a similar idea above pizzicato accompaniment. The group concludes with a lively Air de diable.

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Instrument part: 2 pages. 791 K


Piano part: 8 pages. 828 K


Couperin - 5 Concert pieces for cello - Instrument part - first page Couperin - 5 Concert pieces for cello - Piano part - first page
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