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Creszenzo - Prima Carezza for cello and piano (Cassado)

Creszenzo - Prima Carezza for cello and piano (Cassado). You can download the PDF sheet music Creszenzo - Prima Carezza for cello and piano (Cassado) on this page. Constantine de Crescenzo is a part of a large group of authors, more or less illustrious, who composed a particularly lyrical and effusive vein, providing the repertoire to singers like Lina Cavalieri. Many of those songs represented the link of the nineteenth-century late-romantic style with the most recent Italian "canzonetta".

Crescenzo wrote many works for piano, "easy and melodic genre, very original, good effect and useful in teaching" (Schmidl). In his repertoire, mostly piano, we can find many serenades, romance without words, nocturnes, whims, barcarole, idylls, divertissements, often with eloquently exemplary titles, such as the famous First caress (which also curated a reduction for small orchestra and a version for piano four hands), Retour des hirondelles, End of a dream, gentle butterfly, In the Gulf of Naples, Pecché m'o'ffaje, Desiderio, Cielo d'argento, and many others.

This is a Gaspar Cassado cello transcription of "Prima carezza", which shows the best colors of the cello sound joined with Italy sonority.

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PDF format sheet music

Instrument part: 1 pages. 734 K


Piano part: 3 pages. 743 K


Creszenzo - Prima Carezza for cello and piano (Cassado) - Instrument part - first page Creszenzo - Prima Carezza for cello and piano (Cassado) - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Constantine de Crescenzo was an Italian composer and pianist, born in Naples 1847 by Gaetano and Luisa Riccardi.

Crescenzo studied music at the S. Pietro a Maiella conservatory. He perfected himself in piano under the guidance of F. Valente and also in composition with C. Conti.
After completing his studies, in 1868, Crescenzo went to Alexandria where he assumed the position of conductor at the local theater Zizinia. Back in Naples in 1869, he was able to be appreciated by the public of his city, producing in numerous concerts as a pianist and enjoying a great success. During one of them, at the Hôtel de la Ville, it was induced by the Princess of Galitzine, who had admired her talent.

About eight years he was in Moscow, where comforted by the encouragement and sympathy of Nikolai Rubinstein, he often performed together with him.  Also in Russia he met his future wife, Caterina Voljensky.

Returning to Italy in 1878 he devoted himself entirely to teaching and composition, commitments that he maintained with great credit until a few days before his death, which took place in Naples on June 29, 1911.
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