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Drigo - Serenade (from ballet "Arlequinade") for cello and piano

Drigo - Serenade (from ballet "Arlequinade") for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Drigo - Serenade (from ballet "Arlequinade") for cello and piano on this page. This unique and brilliant expressive composition - clear sample composition for cello by the recognized composer. This composition impresses listener by ballet-style well-listened shiny melody of cello and piano and different musical features.
To view the first page of Drigo - Serenade (from ballet "Arlequinade") for cello and piano click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 2 pages. 209 K

Piano part: 7 pages. 631 K

Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page

Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Video with Drigo's serenade transcribed for cello:

Riccardo Eugenio Drigo (1846 – 1930) was an Italian composer of ballet music and Italian opera, a theatrical conductor, and a pianist. Drigo is most noted for his long career as kapellmeister and Director of Music of the Imperial Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia, for which he composed music for the original works and revivals of the choreographers Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov. Drigo also served as Chef d'orchestre for Italian opera performances of the orchestra of the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre. During his career in St. Petersburg, Drigo conducted the premieres and regular performances of nearly every ballet and Italian opera performed on the Tsarist stage.
Drigo is equally noted for his original full-length compositions for the ballet as well as his large catalog of supplemental music written ad hoc for insertion into already-existing works. Drigo is also noted for his adaptations of already-existing scores, such as his 1895 edition of Tchaikovsky's score for Swan Lake. Many pieces set to the music of Drigo are still performed today, and are considered cornerstones of the classical ballet repertory.
In 1899 Petipa began work on the scenario for a ballet based on episodes from the Italian commedia dell’arte, which he called Les Millions d'Arléquin (The Millions of Harlequin). The ballet premiered at the Imperial Theatre of the Hermitage on 23 February 1900 with Mathilde Kschessinska in the role of Columbine and the danseur Gyorgy Kyaksht in the role of Harlequin. The audience included the Emperor and Empress as well as the whole of the Imperial court. Within moments of the final curtain, the typically subdued courtly audience erupted into thunderous applause. The composer received a tumultuous reception as he went before the curtain and was mobbed by several Grand Dukes who tripped over one another in their enthusiasm to congratulate him for his music.
Due to her delight in Drigo's score, the Empress commanded two additional court performances of Les Millions d'Arléquin on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, the first given on 26 February 1900. When plans were under way to publish Drigo's score in piano reduction by the publisher Zimmermann, many of Drigo's colleagues urged the composer to dedicate his score to the Empress. Drigo's request was then submitted to the Minister of the Imperial Court, which brought about a lengthy correspondence by a commission set up to investigate whether or not Drigo's character, background and music were worthy of his offering a dedication to a Russian Empress. The response was favorable and the dedication was graciously accepted.

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