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Braga - Serenade for cello and piano

Braga - Serenade for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Braga - Serenade for cello and piano on this page. This beautiful musical composition of Gaetano Braga is the clear sample opus for string instrument by the great virtuoso of composition. opus impresses listener by the harmonic intonations of two instruments and different interesting characteristics. This musical opus impresses listeners by the clear and specific melodic piece's palette and other traditional tricks.
To view the first page of Braga - Serenade for cello and piano click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 1 pages. 137 K

Piano part: 5 pages. 534 K

Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page

Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Gaetano Braga (1829 – 1907) was an Italian composer and cellist. He was born in Giulianova in Abruzzi and died in Milan. Braga's works include compositions for the cello (two concertos, a quintet, a quartet, works for cello and piano) and the operas. A "Serenata" (serenade) by Braga, sometimes called "Angel's Serenade" or "Légende valaque" (Wallachian Legend), is a dialogue (comparable to that in "Erlkönig") between a worried mother and a girl who hears an angel's voice calling her; in the end the girl follows the voice ("O mamma buona notte, io seguo il suon, io seguo il suon!"). It is mentioned in Anton Chekhov's short story "The Black Monk," as well as in other Russian works of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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