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Florentz - Angel of Tamaris for cello solo

Florentz - Angel of Tamaris for cello solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Florentz - Angel of Tamaris for cello solo on this page. This unusual piece op.12 for cello solo has a special pre-text, that tells us: "Until they had arrived near a Tamarisk with 3 branches Then, they perceived a voice which came out of the branches like the murmur of spirits, pronouncing three times "Saint, Saint, Saint". the one who came to his house with a message. Then the old Abraham got up to meet The Archangel. "Tell me, I beg him, o young man, where do you come from?" and why are you so beautiful...

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Cello part: 9 pages. 1116 K



Florentz - Angel of Tamaris for cello solo - Cello part - first page
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Jean Louis Florentz was born in 1947 and can truly be called a genius. He studied natural sciences, ethno-musicology and Arabian literature at the Sorbonne. He is also an organist and studied composition with Olivier Messaien amongst others. Drawing on his broad base of knowledge, he attempts to forge completely new paths in his compositions. He does not want to bind himself to a definite movement or dogma within the prevailing culture of Western music. On the one side he bases himself on the rich Western - if not French - history of music and on the other he allows himself to be influenced by traditional (East) African music and the music of the Near East. Florentz strives for a blending of all these musical styles and cultures. Above all, he wishes to prevent his music from 'sounding a little like* or 'reminding you of, preferring to aim for a complete synthesis. His interests are not, however, limited to music from these cultures; he is also unusually fascinated by the religious cultures from the above regions. In Florentz' opinion, the religious expressions of these peoples are very close to the origins of Christianity.
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