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Faure - Berceuse (Lullaby) for cello and piano

Faure - Berceuse (Lullaby) for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Faure - Berceuse (Lullaby) for cello and piano on this page. This unique cello composition is the significant masterpiece composition for cello by the brilliant composer. This composition delights the performer by the magnificent harmonic rhythm of two instruments and different character musical features.
To view the first page of Faure - Lullaby for cello and piano click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 2 pages. 228 K

Piano part: 5 pages. 605 K

Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page

Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)

Fauré was not greatly interested in orchestration, and on occasion asked his former students such as Jean Roger-Ducasse and Charles Koechlin to orchestrate his concert and theatre works. In Nectoux's words, Fauré's generally sober orchestral style reflects "a definite aesthetic attitude ... The idea of timbre was not a determining one in Fauré's musical thinking". He was not attracted by flamboyant combinations of tone-colours, which he thought either self-indulgent or a disguise for lack of real musical invention. He told his students that it should be possible to produce an orchestration without resorting to glockenspiels, celestas, xylophones, bells or electrical instruments.

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