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Faure - Sicilienne op.78 for cello and piano

Faure - Sicilienne op.78 for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Faure - Sicilienne op.78 for cello and piano on this page. In March 1893, Faure wrote the Sicilienne for the English cellist W. H. Squire; it seems originally to have formed part of the incidental music for Le bourgeois gentilhomme—though, curiously, an orchestral version was later incorporated into his incidental music for Pelléas et Mélisande. Here Fauré is at his calmest and most gentle; no wonder the work has become one of his most beloved melodies.

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Cello part: 4 pages. 593 K


Piano part: 6 pages. 1026 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Fauré's biographer Nectoux writes in the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians that Fauré is widely regarded as the greatest master of French song, and that alongside the mélodies, the chamber works rank as "Fauré's most important contribution to music". The critic Robert Orledge writes, "His genius was one of synthesis: he reconciled such opposing elements as modality and tonality, anguish and serenity, seduction and force within a single non-eclectic style, as in the Pelléas et Mélisande suite, his symphonic masterpiece. The quality of constant renewal within an apparently limited range ... is a remarkable facet of his genius, and the spare, elliptical style of his single String Quartet suggests that his intensely self-disciplined style was still developing at the time of his death".
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