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Faure - Sonata N1 for cello and piano

Faure - Sonata N1 for cello and piano op.109. You can download the sheet music Faure - Sonata N1 for cello and piano on this page. Faure's first cello sonata was composed during July and August 1917. The opening theme—derived from his discarded Symphony, 0p.40, and also from the music for the warlike Ulysses in his opera Pénélope—is full of a menace that soon breaks into real anger. The second theme answers this violence with patient calm—the human voice, as it were, amidst the storm. It was Nadia Boulanger who wrote of Fauré that "his voice seems to interpose itself between heaven and men"; somehow one can feel this in the sublime Andante, with its echoes of the Requiem. Fauré is never self-pitying, and it is characteristic that the last movement brings an unexpected air of insouciance to this work of deeply-felt tragedy.

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Cello part: 8 pages. 420 K


Piano part: 33 pages. 1857 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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