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Handel - Sonata Viola da Gamba for cello and piano

Handel - Sonata Viola da Gamba for cello and piano. You can download the sheet music Handel - Sonata Viola da Gamba for cello and piano on this page. This excellent expressive composition is still the higher masterpiece opus for cello by the brilliant virtuoso of music. This composition delight the listener by the magnificent changes of melody and other musical characteristics.
To view the first page of Handel - Sonata Viola da Gamba for cello and piano click the music sheet image.
PDF format sheet music

Viola part: Missed

Piano part: 12 pages. 1759 K

Viola part - First page Piano part - First page

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Handel's compositions include 42 operas, 29 oratorios, more than 120 cantatas, trios and duets, numerous arias, chamber music, a large number of ecumenical pieces, odes and serenatas, and 16 organ concerti. Among the works with opus numbers published and popularised in his lifetime are the Organ Concertos Op. 4 and Op. 7, together with the Opus 3 and Opus 6 concerti grossi; the latter incorporate an earlier organ concerto The Cuckoo and the Nightingale in which birdsong is imitated in the upper registers of the organ. Also notable are his sixteen keyboard suites, especially The Harmonious Blacksmith.

Handel introduced previously uncommon musical instruments in his works: the viola d'amore and violetta marina, the lute, three trombones, clarinets or small high cornetts, theorbo, French horn, lyrichord, double bassoon, viola da gamba, carillon, positive organ, and harp.

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