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Golubev - Cello concerto D minor op.41

Golubev - Cello concerto D minor op.41. You can download the PDF sheet music Golubev - Cello concerto D minor op.41 on this page. The Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, op. 41 in D minor was composed in 1956. There are three movements. The first movement is a sonata allegro. The main theme presents dynamic striving and volitional images; the melodious subordinate theme is bright and poetic. The lofty and grand Adagio (second movement) is profound in content and intense in the development of the thematic material. The music of the third movement (Allegro molto) is full of spontaneous exultation, based on markedly pulsating rhyths and occasionally takes on the character of an enthralling dance. The Golubev cello concerto is distinguished by the stylistic unity of the idiom, the contrapuntal richness of the orchestration and the virtuosic texture of the solo part. The first performance of the concerto was on May 9, 1959 in Gorky. The soloist was the Merited Artist of the R.S.F.S.R., Mstislav Rostropovich; S. Lazarson conducted the Gorky Philharmonic Orchestra.

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Instrument part: 25 pages. 15117 K


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Golubev - Cello concerto D minor op.41 - Instrument part - first page Golubev - Cello concerto D minor op.41 - Piano part - first page
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EVGENY KIRILLOVICH GOLUBEV was born on the 16th of February, 1910, in Moscow. He received his musical education in the Moscow Conservatoire, graduating in 1936 with the distinction of having his name mounted on a plaque on the Honours Board. He studied composition there under Professor Nikolai Miaskovsky. From 1936 to 1938 Golubev studied with Miaskovsky as a postgraduate at the Conservatoire. At the same time he began his intense teaching activity, first as an assistant and later, from 1939 to 1947, as a docent and then as a professor. Among Golubev's students are G. Grigorian, T. Nikolayeva, S. Stempnevsky, A. Kholminov, G. Shantyr, A. Eshpai, A. Shnitke and others.

Golubev's works include two oratorios ( "The Sun Returns", "Heroes Are Immortal"), the "October Cantata"; five symphonies and a number of works for orchestra, three piano concertoes a cello concerto; a piano quintet, a harp quintet, four string quartets, a sonata and poem for violin and piano and a sonata for trumpet and piano; five sonatas, five pieces in memory of Lermontov, a poem "Ukrainian Rhapsody", a cycle of pieces "In Old Ruza", "Children's Album", and other works for piano; a work for voice and orchestra on Lermontov's poem "On the Death of a Poet", several a cappella choruses and a number of works for voice and piano (including "Requiem in Memory of Lenin", to words by N. Aseyev); incidental music to Lesia Ukrainka's "Forest Song"; and other works in various genres.
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