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Hindemith - Cello Concerto (1940)

Hindemith - Cello Concerto (1940). You can download the PDF sheet music Hindemith - Cello Concerto (1940) on this page. Hindemith's work on the Cello Concerto (1940) dragged on for a few weeks. He even ended up rejecting the finale he had almost finished composing and substituting it with a movement containing a primary theme that is supposed to go back to a march by Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia. In the new finale and in the brilliant first movement, Hindemith displays the greatest virtuosity in his employment of the radiant force and the finely nuanced tone colors of a full symphony orchestra. The middle movement is based on a special plan of construction. Its first part is slow, and the second part is a racing tarantella. The third part is introduced by plucked chords: here the orchestra repeats the beginning note for note, while the violoncello continues the swift dance motion. It is only at the end of the movement that the two levels are brought together once more.

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Instrument part: 13 pages. 1257 K


Piano part: 53 pages. 2416 K


Hindemith - Cello Concerto (1940) - Instrument part - first page Hindemith - Cello Concerto (1940) - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
The great success of the concerto is also reflected in the names of the interpreters who soon included it in their repertoires: Paul Tortelier, Enrico Mainardi, and Ludwig Hoelscher. The English composer William Walton (1902-83) based his Variations on A Theme by Hindemith of 1963 on the theme of the second movement.

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