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Honegger - Paduana for cello solo (1945)

Honegger - Paduana for cello solo (1945). You can download the PDF sheet music Honegger - Paduana for cello solo (1945) on this page. This unusual cello piece is properly neo-classical in outlook. Arthur Honegger’s Paduana is a surviving movement from an uncompleted suite. The Paduana for solo cello was intended for a solo cello suite that was never finished. To judge from this splendid movement, the intended suite would have been distinctly superior to the Sonata for solo violin. With its majestic dotted rhythms, its widespread chords encompassing the whole instrument, its pizzicatos, and ethereal harmonics, it is one of the best of Honegger's posthumously published works.

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Cello part: 2 pages. pages. 1076 K



Honegger - Paduana for cello solo (1945) - Cello part - first page
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