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Howells - Fantasy for cello and piano

Howells - Fantasy for cello and piano. You can download the PDF sheet music Howells - Fantasy for cello and piano on this page. Herbert Howells composed this Fantasia in 1936. This work was submitted for the composer's music doctorate to the University of Oxford in 1937. This piano reduction was based on the full score. The intention has been to provide a reduction that would be more idiomatic for the pianist and has inevitably meant that in order to fit a complicated contrapuntal texture onto two hands the editor has had to be selective. Editorial additions (dynamics, arco directions and accidentals) are marked in square brackets. All curved brackets are the composer's own. With some accidentals the composer's intention is not clear (e.g. 6 bars after @) and the square brackets will draw attention to the ambiguity of the notation. The first performance of this work was given by Gillian Matthews (cello) with the Kensington Symphony Orchestra conducted by Leslie Head, in London, on 16 January 1982. Duration is 20 minutes.

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PDF format sheet music

Cello part: 11 pages. 2083 K

Piano part: 40 pages. 7312 K

Howells - Fantasy for cello and piano - Cello part - first page Howells - Fantasy for cello and piano - Piano part - first page
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