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Kabalevsky - Cello sonata op. 71

Kabalevsky - Cello sonata op. 71. You can download the PDF sheet music Kabalevsky - Cello sonata op. 71 on this page. Kabalevsky Cello sonata was composed in 1962. Composer dedicated his Cello sonata to its first performer, M. Rostropovich. The sonata reminds us of Kabalevsky's Cello Concerto (although the thematism and the form of these compositions are not similar). The Cello Sonata is an approach to the Requiem for the memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War. This cello sonata has a lot of subtle expressive details - modal, polyphonic, textural. Enharmonism, soft hand-toned flickering of colors in the scherzo (introduction) is wittily used here. Here there are elements of bitonalism, used very tactfully. In the final movement, attention is paid to some polyphonic tricks: imitational holding of the theme of the refrain (canon), combination of various topics. Cello sonata op.71 occupies a prominent place among Kabalevsky’s chamber works. Cello arrangement by R.Azarkhin

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Instrument part: 20 pages. 777 K


Piano part: 54 pages. 2237 K


Kabalevsky - Cello sonata op. 71 - Instrument part - first page Kabalevsky - Cello sonata op. 71 - Piano part - first page
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