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Khrennikov - Cello concerto N1 op.16

Khrennikov - Cello concerto N1 op.16. You can download the PDF sheet music Khrennikov - Cello concerto N1 op.16 on this page.

Cello Concerto No. 1 was composed specially for Mstislav Rostropovich who played the premiere on 13 May, 1964 in Moscow. Afterwards, Rostropovich played the concert in many countries of the world and even included it in his famous marathon of thirty cello concertos played in ten days in London. The format of the concerto is uncommon. The first two movements, Prelude and Aria, are composed in slow tempo, while the piece ends in a dynamic Sonata. According to Mikhail Khomitser, one of the best interpreters of Cello Concerto No. I its music is "like a tight spring - so focused and intensive it is. In terms of completeness, it reminds me of a perfect sculpture with all unnecessary cut off. In this sense, the first movement is particularly indicative - undoubtedly, one of the highest achievements of Khrennikov s instrumental music. It somehow instantly conquers you with infinity of musical breathing and altitude of human feeling. "

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Instrument part: 11 pages. 834 K


Piano part: 34 pages. 1528 K


Khrennikov - Cello concerto N1 op.16 - Instrument part - first page Khrennikov - Cello concerto N1 op.16 - Piano part - first page
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Tikhon Khrennikov was certainly an equivocal figure in the history of Russian 20th-century music. Secretary of the Composer's Union of the USSR for 43 years - having being appointed to the position by Joseph Stalin himself - Khrennikov was the personification of the centre of Soviet musical life. During his tenure of office, he witnessed the persecution of the prominent Russian composers Prokofiev and Shostakovich in the 1940s, the restriction of the musical avant-garde in the '50s and '60s, and the unfavourable conditions for artists in the '70s and '80s, which provoked many talented musicians' departure from the USSR.

This cello concerto was the music of a man who spent his whole life standing guard over the 'iron curtain'. However, life cannot be seen in such black and white terms. Khrennikov, on more than one occasion, came to the aid of several musicians and even, as he himself has confirmed, protected disgraced colleagues from arrest and repression, also helping to forge the careers of many young and talented artists. Khrennikov wrote a great deal of wonderful music, especially songs and incidental music for theater and cinema. Many of his melodies have made their way into everyday life and have practically become folk tunes. This cello concerto has 3 parts: Prelude, Aria and Sonata.

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