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Khrennikov - Cello concerto N2 op.30

Khrennikov - Cello concerto N2 op.30. You can download the PDF sheet music Khrennikov - Cello concerto N2 op.30 on this page. Cello Conccrto No. 2 was presented to the public on 1 April, 1986 by Mikhail Khomitser. Unfortunately, this piccc can be safely referred to "forgotten" compositions. When it appeared in the beginning of Gorbachev's perestroika, it fell into that performing vacuum of the 1990s which followed after a devastating turn of the country to new commercial tracks. Before the concerto even had time to consolidate its position in repertoire, it practically sank into oblivion.

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Instrument part: 11 pages. 885 K


Piano part: 25 pages. 1223 K


Khrennikov - Cello concerto N2 op.30 - Instrument part - first page Khrennikov - Cello concerto N2 op.30 - Piano part - first page
Download PDF (14.99 €) Download PDF (14.99 €)
Khrennikov worked a lot during the Great Patriotic War visiting the army in the field and playing concerts for soldiers on the front line. Together with General Tchuikov's army, he entered Berlin in May 1945 and participated in the Concert of Victors which was broadcast around the world from a half-destroyed studio of the Berlin radio.
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