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Khrennikov - Cello sonata op.34

Khrennikov - Cello sonata op.34. You can download the PDF sheet music Khrennikov - Cello sonata op.34 on this page. The most important and determining quality ol Khrennikov's composing character was always his unique and bright melodic gift and his devotion to melody as a foundation upon which he would build his compositions, As early as in the 1930s, Khrennikov asserted himself as one of the most talented representatives of a new generation of Soviet composers. That was the time when he identified the main genres of his creative interests. He always remained true to himself although he eventually enriched his music palette manifold making his range of genres all embracing. However, he preserved his commitment to a wide expressive melody, characteristic intonation and harmonic structures, which made his hand so recognizable after hearing only a few bars, heartfelt lyricism and love of life. This cello sonata has three parts: Andantino maestoso, Andante molto espressivo and Allegro con fuoco.
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Instrument part: 12 pages. 639 K


Piano part: 38 pages. 1443 K


Khrennikov - Cello sonata op.34 - Instrument part - first page Khrennikov - Cello sonata op.34 - Piano part - first page
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