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Lekeu - Cello sonata (1888)

Lekeu - Cello sonata (1888). You can download the PDF sheet music Lekeu - Cello sonata (1888) on this page. The Belgian composer Guillaume Lekeu left only a small number of works, but his cello sonata is a well-known composition for all cello players around the world. Lekeu was eighteen when he began the cello sonata (1888). Lekeu had in the meantime written a large-scale work, the Sonata for violoncello and piano in which the musical tension was dominated by an omnipresent thematic motif. Chamber music gradually began to lose its influence over him as he began to plan larger orchestral works. His first attempts at such works date from a few months before he began his studies with Franck.

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Instrument part: 15 pages. 1617 K


Piano part: 57 pages. 8758 K


Lekeu - Cello sonata (1888) - Instrument part - first page Lekeu - Cello sonata (1888) - Piano part - first page
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