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Ligeti - Sonata for cello solo

Ligeti - Sonata for cello solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Ligeti - Sonata for cello solo on this page. This good-looking outstanding work by this world-famous musician - is still the incomparable illustration of arrangement for cello. Ligeti's sonata for cello solo was composed in his youth, between 1948 - 1953. Ligeti’s Sonata has the dual rejection of an unrequited love-interest, whose cello technique could not meet the demands of the first movement, and censorship by the Hungarian communist cultural committee who deemed the second movement too avantgarde for the good of the people.

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Instrument part: 5 pages. 1813 K


Piano part: Missed


Ligeti - Sonata for cello solo - Instrument part - first page Ligeti - Sonata for cello solo - Piano part - first page
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György Ligeti composed the two movements of his Sonata for solo cello in 1948 and 1953 and it is one of his earliest well-known works. The first movement, Dialogo, was composed during Ligeti’s last year as a student as a lovetoken for a fellow student, but his feelings were not reciprocated as she simply thanked him for the manuscript and never played it. Five years later, the cellist Vera Dénes asked Ligeti for a cello piece, at which point he unearthed Dialogo and added the second movement, Capriccio. If the Phrygian-mode melody of the slow movement suggests a homage to Ligeti’s teacher Kodály, the later Capriccio resembles what a Paganini Caprice might have sounded like if it had been reimagined by Bartók at his boldest—a driving, virtuosic moto perpetuo which has a brief moment of respite where the theme of the Dialogo is recalled, before a final end.
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