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Lutoslawski - Grave for cello and piano

Lutoslawski - Grave for cello and piano. You can download the PDF sheet music Lutoslawski - Grave for cello and piano on this page. Five years after the Cello Concerto, Lutosławski wrote a piece for cello - Grave for cello and piano. He orchestrated it for cello and strings the following year, and in this version it was premiered in August 1982 in Paris by Mischa Maisky, the Polish Chamber Orchestra, and Jerzy Maksymiuk. Lutosławski was a close friend of the Polish musicologist Stefan Jarociński, who died in 1980. Jarociński, who in 1967 had compiled the first book of Lutosławski’s interviews and writings, was a noted authority on Debussy, whom Lutosławski regarded as one of his musical forefathers. In Grave, for the only time in his life (folkinfluenced pieces aside), Lutosławski based a work on the music of another composer, and to honour his friend’s memory he chose the opening four notes of Debussy’s opera Pelléas et Mélisande. Subtitled ‘Metamorphoses’, Grave is anything but ponderous. Lutosławski takes Debussy’s motif and transforms it from intense musings into a free-flowing succession of robust and vigorous guises. The work bursts with the sort of rhythmic energy and textural clarity that characterised his music of the early 1950s, but as filtered through the intervening three decades of musical achievement.

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Cello part: Missed


Piano part: 10 pages. 3057 K


Lutoslawski - Grave for cello and piano - Cello part - first page Lutoslawski - Grave for cello and piano - Piano part - first page
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