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Martinu - Cello Sonata N2 (1941) H.286

Martinu - Cello Sonata N2 (1941). You can download the PDF sheet music Martinu - Cello Sonata N2 (1941) on this page. This fine and outstanding opus by the recognized genius - is still the sensible illustration of repertoire for traditional cello. Martinů dedicated his Second Cello Sonata to Frank Rybka, in gratitude for Rybka’s protection and hospitality. Although infused with a similar kinetic energy, the Second Sonata is quite different in spirit from its predecessor: the rhythms of the new world, its verve and electricity, are cele brated here in spectacular fashion. Only in the slow movement does one feel something of the darkness that was enveloping the old world.

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Instrument part: 13 pages. 1954 K


Piano part: 44 pages. 6226 K


Martinu - Cello Sonata N2 (1941) - Instrument part - first page Martinu - Cello Sonata N2 (1941) - Piano part - first page
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The Cello sonata No 2 is dedicated to Frank Rybka, and its character is far removed from that of No 1. Milosv Safranék, Martinů ’s first biographer, pointed out that it already belonged to the composer’s so-called ‘American period’. By this he no doubt meant that at this time Martinů recognized the need to win over his new public with music that posed fewer stylistic problems and did not strike too deeply into their complex personal psyches; not that this sonata is superficial – it poses many technical problems, particularly of rhythm – merely that its three movements occupy a sunnier, more equable landscape than that of No 1. This sonata was firstly performed on 27 March 1942 when it was played by Lucien Laporte and Elly Bontempo.
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