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Martinu - Cello Sonata N3 (1952) H.340

Martinu - Cello Sonata N3 (1952). You can download the PDF sheet music Martinu - Cello Sonata N3 (1952) on this page. Martinů’s Third Sonata was written in 1952. The music of the Third Sonata fits these directives perfectly; even the slow movement is pastoral and thoughtful rather than tragic in nature, while the finale – or at least its ending – would hardly be out of place at a rodeo. There is more than a hint of American influence throughout the sonata, in fact; but despite this, it remains essentially Czech, ‘My work’, Martinů wrote that year, ‘is still Czech and connected to my homeland.’ Alas, it was a homeland he was never to revisit. By this time, the Soviet communists had taken over, and Martinů was persona non grata, as he had been to the Nazis. As a special favour, the Second and Third Sonatas were played in Martinů’s birthplace, Polička, at a concert to mark his 65th birthday in 1955; but the composer was not in attendance, of course – and no posters advertising the concert were allowed.

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Instrument part: 15 pages. 3848 K


Piano part: 40 pages. 1610 K


Martinu - Cello Sonata N3 (1952) - Instrument part - first page Martinu - Cello Sonata N3 (1952) - Piano part - first page
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