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Mozart - Cello sonata K358

Mozart - Cello sonata K358. You can download the PDF sheet music Mozart - Cello sonata K358 on this page. The sonata K358 (1773/74) was written for performance by Mozart and his sister in the family circle or in public concerts; the composer later used them as teaching material. This is a cello transcription by G. Cassado. Although this sonata cultivate the same cheerful, somewhat superficial tone, and make similarly modest demands on the players' skill and the listeners' musical receptivity. It is already interesting for the fact that each movement is in sonata form and leads into a short coda, a scheme Mozart tries out here for the first time.

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Instrument part: 4 pages. pages. 881 K


Piano part: 14 pages. pages. 1474 K


Mozart - Cello sonata K358 - Instrument part - first page Mozart - Cello sonata K358 - Piano part - first page
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