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Norgard - Sonata for cello solo

Norgard - Sonata for cello solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Norgard - Sonata for cello solo on this page. Sonata for Cello Solo No. 1 was first conceived in 1951 and revised to the present version two years later. Already at this point - only 20 years old! - Norgard engaged in a technique with pointers towards his present practices. The theme changes imperceptibly during the first movement. The new theme then defines the second movement and is also transformed. In the third movement, the twice modified theme is used as the take-off for the finale. The transformations through the three movements also happen on an inner plane with three very different expressions as the result. This method characterises much of Per Norgard's first period as a composer and would in time become ever more dominant and eventually an inextricable part of his mindset.

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Cello part: 8 pages. 2347 K

Piano part: Missed

Norgard - Sonata for cello solo - Cello part - first page Norgard - Sonata for cello solo - Piano part - first page
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