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Ornstein - 2 Cello pieces op.33

Ornstein - 2 Cello pieces op.33. You can download the PDF sheet music Ornstein - 2 Cello pieces op.33 on this page. The Two Pieces Op. 33 were notated and edited for publication using the manuscripts available in the Leo Ornstein Papers collection at the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library at Yale University. Footnoted references to the manuscripts are indicated by the abbreviation "MS" below the measure in question. Due to the brevity and intricacy of the two pieces, the cellist can and should play from the full score, so no cello part is provided. Only one suggested bowing is indicated, as a dotted slur in measure 8 of Piece no. 1; one thumb position fingering is suggested for Piece no. 2, measure 7.

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Instrument part: Missed


Piano part: 6 pages. 544 K


Ornstein - 2 Cello pieces op.33 - Instrument part - first page Ornstein - 2 Cello pieces op.33 - Piano part - first page
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