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Paganini - 24 caprices for cello solo

Paganini - 24 caprices for cello solo. You can download the PDF sheet music Paganini - 24 caprices for cello solo on this page. This is a Silva's Cello transcription of an original violin opus. Current opinion on the provenance of the 24 Violin Caprices places their creation closer to the time of their publication in 1820 by Ricordi in Milan, perhaps around 1815. They were the only violin music that Paganini published during his lifetime (the other four opus numbers that he allowed to be issued included a dozen sonatas for violin and guitar and six quartets for guitar, violin, viola, and cello), and he made them available principally to prove that no one else could play them. The two dozen numbers, though all united by their breathtaking array of double stops, left-hand pizzicati, trills, cross-string arpeggios, and whirlwind scales, cover a surprisingly wide range of musical styles and moods for each cellist. The last and most famous of the Caprices, a set of eleven spectacular variations on a demonic A-minor subject, has served as inspiration and theme for works by many other composers.

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Instrument part: 53 pages. 11104 K



Paganini - 24 caprices for cello solo - Instrument part - first page
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