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Porpora - Cello Concerto

Porpora - Cello Concerto. You can download the PDF sheet music Porpora - Cello Concerto on this page. Nicola Porpora was a Neapolitan composer. Porpora was born in Naples. He graduated from the music conservatory Poveri di Gesù Cristo of his native city, where the civic opera scene was dominated by Alessandro Scarlatti. His compositions are basically contrapunctal but the thematic material is highly ornamental, derived of course from contemporary operatic style. The cello is the virtuoso singer in this concerto, although its tenor voice is often involved directly in the musical texture. Both Allegros, the first being a double fugue, feature florid passage-work while the melody of the slow movements is developed contrapuntally.

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Instrument part: 8 pages. 400 K


Piano part: 21 pages. 973 K


Porpora - Cello Concerto - Instrument part - first page Porpora - Cello Concerto - Piano part - first page
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