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Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132

Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132. You can download the PDF sheet music Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132 on this page. Sergei Prokofiev's Cello Concertino in G minor, Op. 132 was left incomplete at the composer's death in 1953. It was completed by Mstislav Rostropovich and Dmitry Kabalevsky. Prokofiev had been impressed by Mstislav Rostropovich, after working with him for his Symphony-Concerto, so he undertook to write a number of other cello pieces for him. The Cello Concertino was such a piece, intended to be of a light nature.
The Cello Concertino, Opus 132, was left unfinished at the time of the composer's death, to be completed by Rostropovich and Kabalevsky. Prokofiev had suffered declining health for the last few years and it had been largely through the encouragement and help of Rostropovich that he had been able to write his Cello Sonata and revise the earlier Cello Concerto. The Concertino was finished after the composer's death, using sketches that he had made and drawing on his own comments on the work.

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Instrument part: 11 pages. 2297 K


Piano part: 31 pages. 7047 K


Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132 - Instrument part - first page Prokofiev - Concertino for cello op.132 - Piano part - first page
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Prokofiev's death in 1953 left the work unfinished, the finale in particular. However, the composer had indicated to Rostropovich what his intentions were, so he undertook to complete it. Dmitry Kabalevsky orchestrated the piece. The concertino is approximately 19 minutes in duration.
  • Andante mosso
  • Andante
  • Allegretto
The first movement, marked Andante mosso, establishes the key of G minor at the outset, the soloist entering almost at once, over accompanying orchestral chords. There is a second theme in A flat major and a development of this material. The return of the first subject in the original key is followed by a cello cadenza that brings back a version of the second theme, starting in the key of C major already suggested earlier by the orchestra. The coda is based on the first subject. The tonality of D major is established at the start of the second movement Andante, with its cello melody. The central section, modulating from G minor, is more angular in its theme, leading back once more to the material of the start of the movement. The final Allegretto is more characteristic of Prokofiev. The orchestra offers the first theme, taken up by the unaccompanied cello, which then provides a rapid accompaniment to the orchestral restatement of the material. The cello now offers a second theme, in E flat major, followed by the lower instruments of the orchestra in an emphatic restatement of the principal theme, treated in a variety of ways. The second theme returns, now in A flat major, while the cello, in a cadenza-like passage, offers its own final version of the principal theme, before the emphatic final chords.

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