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Romberg - A Complete Theoretical and Practical School for Cello

Romberg - A Complete Theoretical and Practical School for Cello. You can download the PDF sheet music Romberg - A Complete Theoretical and Practical School for Cello on this page. Though many Instruction Books for the Violoncello have been published, in which players may find much that is useful, not one has yet appeared by which he who is wholly ignorant of Music can be properly taught; there is no doubt, however, that a gradual improvement towards perfection, (especially on the Violoncello) chiefly depends on the merits of Elementary Instruction. If, by means of a faulty system, a scholar has acquired a stiff, awkward mode of bowing, he will afterwards find it a very difficult matter to use his bow with lightness and flexibility.
It happens but too often, that beginners give themselves little or no trouble about the first Elements, and yet there is nothing so indispensable to the scholar, even after a certain degree of improvement, as a full and perfect acquaintance with the rudiments of the art. Romberg strenuously recommends to all Masters the constant exercise of patience, for it is solely by the practice of this virtue that they will gradually lead their scholars to that stage of perfection which will enable them to satisfy themselves, and please others by their musical performance.

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Instrument part: 126 pages. pages. 11227 K



Romberg - A Complete Theoretical and Practical School for Cello - Instrument part - first page
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Author's remarks:

"I must here remark, that although the following work cannot be properly addressed to proficients on the Instrument, it contains much information that may be serviceable to many of them. Almost every Professor, both in the practice of his Art, and the mode of holding the Instrument, may have his own peculiarities. It is not my intention to interfere with, or to decry any particular system ; but it may not, however, be deemed out of place, if I be allowed to acquaint them with the method in which I use the Instrument. I have been frequently requested, in the most flattering terms, to give this Method to the Public, and the reason of my not having hitherto yielded to these entreaties, is that I have continually wanted both time and leisure to arrange this system, which is the result of many years' experience, in such an order as to make it fit for publication, and so as to afford me a hope that it might prove of that real utility which should be the sole object of such a work, and for which I now request the kind reception of the Public."

Bernard Romberg

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