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Rubinstein - Cello sonata N1 op.18

Rubinstein - Cello sonata op.18. You can download the sheet music Rubinstein - Cello sonata op.18 on this page.

Sonata N.1, Op. 18 (1852) respects the pre-Classical three-movement form, without a real slow episode, as greatly illustrated by a number of Boccherini's sonatas. The first theme, in D, is stated without preamble, a serene, neo-Schubertian march that gradually becomes richer in the piano-cello dialogue. The broader second theme in A minor, its phrasing allowing for expressive rests, proves to be more restrained and meditative. The cello part remains essentially melodic, aside from the cadenza preceding the repeat, whereas the keyboard punctuates the original articulation of this opening Allegro with brio. The central episode, Modéralo assai in D minor, takes on the form of a siciliano in 6/8, which gives off a Russian perfume that has often eluded non-Slavic performers. This lullaby modulates into F in its closing peroration in order to give full emphasis to this charming piece. The finale, Allegro molro, overflowing with vitality, is quite demanding on the virtuosity level, culminating in a fervent hymn recalling the generosity of Mendelssohn's Opus 45.

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Cello part: 11 pages. 1021 K


Piano part: 41 pages. 4335 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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The two sonatas for cello and piano are fairly large-scale scores in which Rubinstein clearly gives to the cello the sensitive mission of bard while also reserving a considerable role for the keyboard. They illustrate the humanist will suggested to him by the study of Beethoven's Sonatas Opp.5,69 and Mendelssohn's Opp.45, 58.
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