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Rubinstein - Cello sonata N2 op.39

Rubinstein - Cello sonata op.39. You can download the sheet music Rubinstein - Cello sonata op.39 on this page.

Sonata No.2, Op.39 (1857) straightforwardly avows its romantic nature throughout its four movements in which one can detect the composer's technical evolution, diversifying his development formulas and unabashedly affirming his wish here to achieve writing of Beethovenian stature. It is introduced without any preliminaries by the cello in the Allegro, in G major before modulating into D. The two successive thematic formulas contrast a vivace march rhythm with a broad cantilena that allows the cello to go from the eminently lyrical register to a more fundamentally heroic tone.

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Piano part: 40 pages. 2293 K


Instrument part - First page Piano part - First page
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The Allegro con moto assumes the role of a scherzo, in the key of G minor, a brief movement that imposes a martelé rhythm, admittedly lively and virtuoso, while also displaying striking grandeur, particularly in its central trio, playing on the basses like the scherzo-allegro of Beethoven's Archduke Trio. The recapitulation leads to the Andante in E flat, which alternates serious, intense passages with moments of agitation, almost feverishness, induced by the keyboard. This ambivalent atmosphere seems to announce the frenzy of early Brahms, that of the Opus 8 (Piano Trio No.l) or Opus 38 (Cello Sonata No.l). With the final Allegro, opening with a piano prologue, the expressive tension is at its peak in the statement of the appassionato theme in the cello, commented on and amplified by the piano, using the famous octaves technique unique to Rubinstein the virtuoso.
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